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Edificio Lanzadera, La Marina de Valencia, Calle del muelle de la aduana s/n, 46024 Valencia ES
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Edificio Lanzadera, La Marina de Valencia, Calle del muelle de la aduana s/n, Valencia, ES
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Reasons responsible consumption will help overcome the coronavirus crisis

  • Mar 04, 2021

Resilience. Stimulus. Economic regeneration. Innovation. Social challenges. How many of these expressions have you heard in these strange times that we live, the already known as post-COVID era?

What is clear is that we need a new way of doing business for a new world. So new, we hope it will not fall back on the old way mistakes. Now, more than ever, we value the importance of building an inclusive, supportive, sustainable society that has in mind the well-being of people and at the centre the fight against the climate crisis. That's why we cannot consume the same as before.

We go towards a more resilient world thanks to the green economy

Governments, businesses, people who are working and also consumers need to take coordinated action to deal with the crisis and emerge stronger. Only in this way, we will be able to overcome this situation and learn to better cope upcoming challenges, including climate change. Because that crisis, the environmental one, is up to all of us.

If the pandemic was to bring something positive, it is the opportunity to stop everything, to stop and think. It is now or never: we have the opportunity to reset the economy and give it the much-needed green turn. With our sights set on the SDGs,we must work from now on for a new economic model, that is truly fair and sustainable.

Surely, it is a priority to protect vulnerable population from the health effects of COVID-19, as well as reducing contagion and providing health professionals with the support they deserve. But we also have to think about the long term. Projects like Bemariposa are a boost to that new way of doing and thinking that has been cooking for some time. Because big changes come with many small differences.

Covid Crisis

It is no secret: every time we make a purchase, we are "voting."

We choose a way to produce, to create wealth and employment, a type of economy and business. And we are also responsible for the effects that this purchase has on working people, on the natural environment and on the economy.Responsible consumption for a sustainable future

But it is not always easy to make the decision that is in line with our ethical criteria. Having so much information available sometimes is confusing, rather than clarifying. That is why in Bemariposa we propose a marketplace in which you can make your ethical and sustainable purchases of products and services with comfort and confidence.

To do this, we select each project that adds to our social and sustainable marketplace according to very clear criteria. Be certain, if it is on Bemariposa, it takes care of people and the planet. So you only have to worry about which brand to choose and support with your purchase. Because when you buy product or service on Bemariposa, you do a lot more:

  • You support ethical and value-minded ventures.
  • You invest in circular economy and ecodesign,essential to reduce raw material consumption and waste generation.
  • You finance innovation,the tool we need to change the world for the better.
  • You encourage quality employment and living wages,so that everyone develops their vital project as they deserve.
  • You promote initiatives that minimize environmental impact or take action to improve it.
  • You participate in the recovery of the Economy of proximity,which we now have to nurture more than ever.
  • You promote the digitization of small and medium-sized enterprises, which gain visibility on a platform that reaches their target audience.

Recovery from the coronavirus crisis has to go through sustainability

In Bemariposa we are optimistic. We know that we have very powerful tools to improve the quality of life of the whole society and fight the uncertainty that COVID-19 has brought. Now we only need that more and more people choose to consume wisely. A responsible purchase aims to achieve social benefits and reduces environmental impact; it is a choice that prioritizes efficiency and durability.

Buying on Bemariposa you are positioning yourself in a very clear way, you are giving your support to a different way of doing business and building the economy. You are also choosing a more conscious and caring way of life. This is just what we realize that we need now, don't you think? Because the coronavirus crisis has forced us to put important things first again.

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