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Edificio Lanzadera, La Marina de Valencia, Calle del muelle de la aduana s/n, Valencia, ES
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How to mitigate climate change with responsible consumption?

  • Apr 05, 2021

It seems a long way away, when Greta Thunberg was voted Person of the Year by TIME magazine in 2019. The focus of climate change worldwide became in 2020 the year of climate action. And then, the pandemic came to overturn some priorities which finally made sense. The urgency postponed the important, but no virus has ever stopped the advance of the climate crisis.

As previously said, at Bemariposa we are optimistic and look forward to the future enthusiastically. From this pandemic we know, this way of operation is unsustainable in all aspects, and it is encouraging that this approach has been understood by many people.

We need changes to guarantee the lives of the next generations and also those of today, so that our lives truly deserve to be lived. In this complex and necessary process, everything adds up. This transformation is only achievable if we make a collective effort from all possible ways. Choosing responsible purchasing, one that is based on sustainability and ethics is a very effective path. Bemariposa is much more than a marketplace where products and services with environmental and social impact can be found. It is a leverage to accelerate change and make our future more fair and inclusive.

The post-COVID19 transformation will be green or not

We are facing a unique opportunity. Excuses are over. We need a new economic, political and social model that places the environment and people's lives in a leading role.

To achieve this systemic change, a real commitment from the political class is essential. Also from large companies, as well as a determined commitment to innovation, a concept that is at the base of Bemariposa.

Citizen participation is key; if we get together, we can give the final impulse so that the change is real, comprehensive and, above all, it will take as soon as possible. We need to conform ourselves as conscious, informed and empowered citizens.

Climate change

Towards a circular, resilient and climate-adapted economy

We have to completely change our paradigm. Linear economy never made sense, but now we see it clearly. Thinking long term and thinking green implies choosing circular economy. And, precisely, circular is one of the areas of impact of Bemariposa. We give space to projects that handle circular processes and that, from creativity and innovation, transform waste into a resource, closing the production cycle in the most environmentally friendly way.

We need a more sustainable way of food production

There are few things that we control more than eliminating plastic from our daily lives, avoiding food waste and consuming the least possible amount of meat. Anyone calling themselves a responsible consumer should include these three tasks in their daily life. Also, the current way of producing food also should change. Did you know that the agricultural sector accounts for a third of greenhouse gas emissions?

At Bemariposa we want to promote the responsible purchase of food and contribute to a healthy life. We want support agriculture that respects biodiversity and optimizes the use of water and resources, and that manages waste correctly. To sum up, we want to be part of this change from production and distribution to consumption.

Caring for forests and soils to neutralize emissions

Agriculture contributes and adversely affects climate change. But, well managed, it can also help curb it. How? Increasing agricultural land capacity to absorb CO2. For this, it is essential to have responsible practices that respect biodiversity and invest in innovation. This way, higher productivity with efficient use of energy will be achieved.

Moreover, conserving forest mass and soils is important to preventing fires, which release extremely high emissions. At Bemariposa you will only find products and services with responsible forest management as a base, as well as projects dedicated to reforestation and forest care.

Mitigate climate change with responsible consumption

Transform cities into healthy and inclusive places

The lock-down has made it very clear that we need another city model. Sustainable mobility is a pending issue, but also proposing as an urban design that contemplates space for the relationship between people. Working for energy efficiency -one of Bemariposa impact areas- cannot be postponed anymore; not surprisingly, buildings in Europe are responsible for up to 30% of urban emissions.

We can collaborate in reducing emissions in many ways. A very powerful one is our consumption, so is green entrepreneurship. At Bemariposa we want to be the link among responsible people who want to change the world. Do you want to join us? We will be online very soon.

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