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7 new years resolutions for responsible consumption

  • Jan 04, 2021

At the end of each year many people are in retrospection and reevaluating what happened and have experienced and set new year's resolutions. 

2020 has meant a lot of effort and uncertainty for everyone. To be frank, it has tested us in many ways and led us to reflect on our lifestyle and our impact on the environment.

The close relationship between the development of COVID-19, and environmental deterioration and loss of biodiversity, has aroused social interest in taking sides. 

An interest that we can see reflected in an increase in responsible and sustainable consumption. Something that has very positive implications if we take into account that 64% of global emissions are produced by individual consumption. Therefore, in 2021, I want to show you what new resolutions you can set yourself so that you can take action:

Seven Purposes

1. Refuse unnecessary plastics.

You can avoid the use of plastic bags by bringing shopping your own cloth bag and avoid using single-use plastics, such as plastic cups, straws or film to preserve food. Currently, you can find very practical sustainable alternatives. 

2. Watch your water consumption. 

Water scarcity is already a reality. The looming problem is serious, and a clear and sad sign of this is that the water has already entered the stock market. Something very worrying. If you do not do it already, it is time to take care of your water consumption avoiding wasting water, fixing possible leaks, optimizing the use of the dishwasher or taking a shower instead of a bath and turning water off while applying soap.

3. Stop buying what you don’t need.

Thinking and planning your purchases will help you avoid buying too much and ending up with products that expire in the pantry or that you don't really need. If you think about it, this will also affect your pocket, allowing you to save money.

4. Cook with seasonal, local and fresh produce.

Think not only about what you are going to eat but also with what and how you are going to cook it. Choose seasonal, fresh and local ingredients, and if they are organic, much better. If a food item is shipped from another country, it no longer remains sustainable. Optimize your water consumption and the way you cook them, and avoid waste by using leftovers for other dishes.

5. Check product labels. 

Product labels provide important information. Check product origin, ingredients, energy consumption for electrical appliances, etc. You can also check if it has any sustainability seal or certificate that guarantees good practices.

6. Reduce, recycle and reuse. 

Reduce your purchases to what is necessary, but also avoid packaging to reduce waste. And when this is not possible, make sure they are recyclable and even reusable, such as glass containers.

7. Repair rather than discard

Bad consumption habits and planned obsolescence have led us to use and discard without a second thought. It is time to start choosing products that have a greater durability and think, before throwing away, if they can be repaired and extend their useful life. 

A beautiful darning can give new life to that garment that you thought you could no longer use. 😉

As you can see, there are many resolutions you could set in this new year. You don't have to feel overwhelmed and go for all of them at the same time. You can gradually incorporate them into your day to day so that they naturally become your new habits. 

In fact, it is what I recommend. And since I want to help you in the process, I encourage you to visit our social and environmental impact marketplace  where you will find products that are produced by sustainable businesses.

Tell me which resolution you are going to set and start or if you are already on the road to responsible and sustainable consumption. 

I wait for your comments. 

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